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The Cab Company with Decades of Field Experience.


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What Makes Miles Different?

Miles offers you custom design, manufacturing, and installation of Elevator Doors, Elevator Cabs, Entrances, Ceilings, and more. Union labor with a Portability Agreement gives you peace of mind that your work is being done correctly. Because we do this all day long and have efficiencies built in, our pricing and installation time is lower than other companies.


All our work is done by Union Tradesmen with decades in the IUEC. Other cab companies can't say that.


We are based in Nashville TN and are close to most of our customers and partners.


All our Cabs, Doors, and Entrances are custom designed by experienced draftsmen from the elevator industry.


Our pricing beats other companies hands down. Request a quote today and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Who Do We Work With?

Elevator Contractors

Partner with us on your next elevator door and cab Mod project. You can use Miles as your complete outsourced mod team and feel comfortable because we’re Union and we do this all day long.

Building Owners

Work directly with us on your next elevator upgrade. We have decades of experience and can work hand in hand with your elevator company to make sure it’s done right and your warranties are still valid.

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