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Why Do Elevator Companies Work With Miles?

man working on elevator for Miles Elevator Door and Cab

You can feel comfortable with us because we have, quite literally, decades in the elevator industry. Our Union experience and membership says it all. 

One of the main reasons that we work so well and so closely with elevator companies is that our leadership and the actual technicians working on the job have been Union elevator mechanics for decades. This isn’t a side gig for us. 

Another reason that elevator contractors like using us is that we can act as your complete outsourced Mod Department. Send us the spec, and we can offer great pricing, high quality product, and fast professional installation. You can keep your Modernization Director on larger jobs and leave us to the architectural details.

Time is the most important commodity on an elevator jobsite. Because we do this type of work all the time, we’re very fast. Our average is about three times as fast as a mod crew that doesn’t specialize in interiors and cabs. That speed makes you look great to your customer, and can give you some buffer on the job as well.

Our portability agreement is a huge advantage to both us and you. You can be confident that we’ll get to the jobsite with little friction. 

Call us today and we’ll make your life easy.

Union Members

We’re proud to be members of the IUEC and we have been for decades. We work closely with you, your company, and your Hall to make sure the job is done right and within the right parameters.

in progress elevator entrance for Miles Elevator Door and Cab

You Can Outsource the Whole Project

Miles Elevator Door and Cab can act as your complete outsourced Mod Department for cabs, entrances, interiors, doors, etc. Our pricing allows you to work closely with us and still make the margins you need. You can keep your Mod Team on the big jobs and use us for the cosmetic jobs.

stainless elevator handrail for Miles Elevator Door and Cab

We Can Do the Complete Install

Because we’ve been doing this for so long, we can go to the jobsite, do the complete install, and get your adjuster there at the end. Having an elevator mechanic do your architectural work has huge advantages for you.

stainless elevator interior for Miles Elevator Door and Cab

We're Fast Because We Specialize

Elevator Cabs, Doors, Interiors, and Entrances are what we do all day. We actually fabricate the materials we use, so there’s no confusion on the jobsite. We do this all day long, and that makes us very fast and efficient.

elevator lighting for Miles Elevator Door and Cab

We Have a Portability Agreement

We’re one of the few companies with a Union Portability Agreement. When we come to your jobsite, there aren’t any hoops to jump through. We check in with the Hall then go to the jobsite. Less time wasted makes you more profitable.

elevator ceiling for Miles Elevator Door and Cab

Licensed in Five States

Miles is licensed with the Union in 4 states (NJ, KY, AL, and GA) and we’re licensed Elevator Contractors in TN. You can be confident that we know what we’re doing.

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