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It’s not as simple as bending metal and cladding wood. There is a tremendous amount of detail that goes into building elevator interiors, cabs, doors, and entrances. Those details aren’t just visual. They are code related and safety related.

Fire Rating is a vital consideration when building entrances and cabs. The riding public needs to be protected in case of an emergency. Make sure that your cab company is using the right fire rated materials. At Miles, this is one of the first considerations we look at when fabricating cabs and entrances.

The ANSI Code is something that all good elevator mechanics are familiar with. Unfortunately, not all cab manufacturers are familiar with it. This is one of the reasons we’re so unique. Our background as elevator technicians gives us a strong insight into the Codes and how to make sure your elevator cabs and entrances are up to code.

The ADA Code is one of the areas that must be considered when manufacturing and designing elevator cabs and entrances. The amount of detail in the ADA code that related to elevator doors and cabs is huge. We know this information inside and out. 

Are you keeping your riding public safe while they are inside your elevator? Fire rating is a science. We know the details and how to fabricate your cabs and entrances so they’re rated properly. For more information, you can read some of the resources here.

The elevator code is complicated. Fortunately, we have been doing this for decades and we’re familiar  with the codes (and Licensed). You can rest assured that the work Miles does is up to the Codes in your state. Here are some further resources related to the ANSI code.

The ADA has some very spoecific rules that must be followed when designing, making, and installing elevator entrances, doors, cabs, and interiors. We’re up to speed with all the ADA Codes, so you can be confident that you are treating your riding public in an inclusive and compliant way.

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