Elevator Interiors, Doors, Cabs, and Entrances

man working on elevator for Miles Elevator Door and Cab

From the floor to the ceiling of the cab and from the entrances to the doors, we do the manufacturing ourselves. All our products are custom made from the design to the installation.

Locally Made by Union Labor: Your cabs, entrances, interiors, and doors are made here in Nashville by Union licensed labor. We do it right because that’s how we’ve been trained over decades. Our expertise in this is defining.

High End Materials: We’ve seen what low quality materials can do to your jobsite. We only use high quality materials in all our fabrication.

elevator lighting for Miles Elevator Door and Cab


An elevator cab ceiling has to take a myriad of details into account. Proper lighting, lumens, architectural details, locking, etc., all are important details. Our ceilings are fabricated in house using high end materials.

stainless elevator handrail for Miles Elevator Door and Cab


This is the part of the elevator that the public will interact with most. It has to look great, perform correctly, and be up to code. We design, manufacture, and install cabs and interiors from the highest quality materials.

two stainless elevator entrances for Miles Elevator Door and Cab


We work very closely with all the local elevator maintenance companies. We've partnered with many of them on their own jobs. Also, Miles' background as elevator mechanics means we know what we're allowed to work on and what we need the maintenance company to do. You don't have to worry about voiding a warranty with us on the job.

elevator ceiling for Miles Elevator Door and Cab


The right lighting will make or break an elevator cab. It has to be within the strict requirements of the code. Elevator lighting also has to be durable enough to withstand movement of the cab and the public. We use elevator lighting experts Man-D-Tec in our cabs.

in progress elevator entrance for Miles Elevator Door and Cab

Freight Doors

Freight doors are typically not something that cab and entrance companies choose to tackle. Our background in the industry gives us the unique ability to work with entrances that require freight doors.

stainless elevator entrance for Miles Elevator Door and Cab


Entrances frame the door and tie the elevator in to the architecture of the building. The jambs and headers are fabricated here close to Nashville by licensed labor.

picture of elevator interior for Miles Elevator Door and Cab

Shell Work

The shell of the cab is so important. It’s what holds the whole cab together. Ours are manufactured right here in Middle Tennessee by our own union licensed labor.

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