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man working on elevator for Miles Elevator Door and Cab

If it’s related to the elevator cab, doors, or entrances, we can make it and service it. From design to refinishing to complete manufacturing, Miles can help.

We are in control of the design, manufacturing, and installation from beginning to end. Our technicians are as skilled in the factory as they are at the jobsite.

This photo is one of our favorite. It shows our technician installing new panels for a local children’s hospital for Turner Construction. We had to make adjustments onsite so that there would be minimal disruption to the hospital. Our guys made cuts by hand to fit the elevator interior. This is the type of care that the large cab companies can’t give to their customers. We do.

From custom designs to stock stainless, we can create the elevator look you need.

two stainless elevator entrances for Miles Elevator Door and Cab


If your elevator has seen some traffic, and most have, we can come in and refinish the metal so it looks fresh again. Refinishing is a difficult task, but it's one that we're very good at.

stainless elevator handrail for Miles Elevator Door and Cab


We install elevator interiors, cabs, doors, and entrances every day. It's what we specialize in. Therefore, it takes us much less time than most companies. And, we build the materials, so we're familiar with it.

two stainless elevator entrances for Miles Elevator Door and Cab


Whether you need a custom interior, of you just need some standard stainless, we can create it for you. Our shop in Nashville has skilled designers that have been in the industry for years. Give us a call for your next project.

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